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We make it easy to find live music for your upcoming events.

It used to be that if you needed to find live music performers, you had a time-consuming search ahead of you because the many musicians in the Charlotte, North Carolina area who didn’t market themselves very well. At Brookstone Bards Entertainment, we decided that who better to help you find live music than someone in the business, performing and running in the same circles. We know the talent out there and have developed a network of musicians that we are confident will give you the live music experience you want for your upcoming event.

Find Live Music in Charlotte, North Carolina

We go beyond that which other network organizers do in that we have musicians that are talented in the dueling piano players concept that is growing in popularity these days. Our musicians have been trained in this very specific form of entertainment and have a huge song list so that your guests are not stuck with just one genre of music.

If you thought you had to go with a DJ instead of find live music so that you would have a wider song list option, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what we have to offer. We consistently get repeat business off our performances because people remembered that they had a great time. You won’t get a better entertainment experience that makes sure your expectations are met and your guests are blown away by the quality.

If you have an upcoming event and would like to find live music to make it the best it can be, don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the date, venue, and more

At Brookstone Bards, we can help you find live music in Charlotte, Concord, Huntersville, and Rock Hill, North Carolina.

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