Why Live Wedding Bands Always Win Over DJs

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You’ve looked into live wedding bands and a DJ for your upcoming wedding party, but you still can’t decide between the two. Why are live wedding bands the way to go for your reception? At Brookstone Bards Entertainment, we’ve outlined just a few reasons why hiring a live band is the way to go.

live wedding bands bring something different to the table

  • You Can’t Beat Their Energy—Live wedding bands just bring something special to a wedding reception. The minute your guests step into your venue, they’ll notice a difference with the overall vibe of the party compared to a DJ going through a setlist.
  • You’ll Get Better Music—Everyone’s heard pre-recorded versions of their favorite songs, but live wedding bands bring something different to the table. Live instruments add depth and interest to even the most over-played songs, so dancing to “YMCA” may not just be tolerable for your guests, but enjoyable with a live band.
  • They’ll Work with What You Want—With live wedding bands, you aren’t cornered into a box when it comes to a setlist. Most bands are versatile and capable of accommodating many songs and many genres. Some even willingly and eagerly take live requests!
  • You’ll Fill the Dance Floor—Getting people out onto the dance floor at a wedding reception isn’t always easy. With a live wedding band, your guests won’t be able to keep themselves from getting out on the floor and dancing the evening away!
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