Dueling Pianos: What They Are and What They Aren't

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So, you’ve decided to hire dueling pianos for your next big event, and you’re excited about what the show will be like. If you’ve never seen us at Brookstone Bards Entertainment perform, or if you’re just curious about what dueling pianos have to offer, here’s what you can expect from the show as well as what you shouldn’t.

hire dueling pianos for your next big event

What Dueling Pianos Are

Put simply, dueling pianos can best be described as two piano players who sing, perform, and entertain on two pianos that face each other. Most of the time, we play upbeat songs that everyone loves and recognizes while throwing in some comedic relief and commentary. We thrive in an all-request, open environment, but also have a great set list to rely on at the same time.

What Dueling Pianos Aren’t

What can you not expect from a dueling pianos show? For starters, don’t expect us to sit at two pianos and try and compete with each other. We’re here to entertain and get your audience engaged while showing off our crazy piano skills! At the same time, don’t expect us to perform slow or boring songs – we’re all about upbeat, engaging tunes that everyone in the audience knows and enjoys.

Are you ready to get your crowd up and going at an upcoming event? Contact us at Brookstone Bards Entertainment today to book your dueling pianos show! We can’t wait to impress and show off at your next party.

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